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Dear Mr. Pun and the Villagers

  Thank you for sending pictures of the nursery school under construction as much as the detailed progress report. It is pleasant to know that the Nangi project already began and you started to build the nursery school.  Even though we are far away from the village, we can feel its energy.

  USD 424. 48 was sent on 26th and 27th of April as the second installment. Another USD 848.96 will be sent out on June 26th as next installment.  All of us can't wait to see your children to start to study in a school that was build on solid foundations in near future.

  We heard from Mr. Kim that there was a cruel civil war around the village, Beni(?)  The mere thought of it makes us shudder. We wish for Nagi's safety and peace.  We send our consolation to all of you.  Mr. Sim, one of the supporters said, "People will live in spite of the confusion of the war and love is beautiful even in it."

  And another support, Ms.Yoon wonders what kind of trees you're going to plant.  Any fruit trees?  Whatever trees you may plant, we wish they willl protect and preserve the village and the places around Himalaya.

  Finally, thank you for trying to preserve the heart of Earth.

  Sincerely, Seo Ae

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