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Dear, Mr. Pun

  This is Seo Ae Yoo, one of the Korean supporters on Nangi, who e-mailed you a few days ago. Do you remember me?
  Please be advised that from now on, I will be the contact person for our community, the Korean supporters on Nangi project for next 3 years. Now there are over 60 supporters of the  project;20 of them live in Canada.

  After several discussion with my collegue about your projects, we came to a conclusion that we are going to make a pledge of USD 429. 48(minus bank fee)on the 20th of each month for next 3 years.

  Our bank is requesting the following information in order to complete wire transfering the money to your account.
1. Your full name
2. Your address
3. Your telephone number
4. Your bank's name
5. Your bank's address
6. Your bank's telephone number
7. Your accounting number
8. Your bank's code(I mean routing number)
  And could we  ask you a favor? Please kindly provide us with the itinerary of your monthly expense. For example, We'd like to know how many students actually are getting supported by our donation and a little more about them. We'd like to know how your village has been developping gradually. And if possible, will you send us pictures of the village and the students that we are supporting, which will give us more pleasure.
  Finally, after reading this mail, please  e-mail me back at biggreenist@hotmail.com as soon as possible.    

  It is our pleasure to be part of such a rewarding project. Thank you.


SeoAe  (유서애)

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